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Hawk MacLeod is a cold character and often difficult to connect to, it is not until you get further into the story you begin to see the softer sides to him.Melissa Doe is broken but so beautiful.

Hawk and Melissa may be two very different souls, but when they are brought together they are electric.This has been another 5 star read I just can not get enough of Natasha Knights books!

He 's previously led a mercurial existence and this last hurrah is the cherry to crown a life of hurrahs.Crazily ludicrous and delightfully hilarious, we watch this man 's Quixotic quest unfold at a snail 's pace, though he is the tortoise to his trackers' hare. 'Bolt& Bucket' might sound like a great name for a hardware store, but these are in fact the idiot henchmen who have a part to play in the story.In his youth, Karlsson had already used up each one of his nine lives, at one stage daring to suggest to Stalin that he might look better with his moustache shaved off! I too chortled, chuckled and cackled while reading this inoffensive little novel, and it may tickle your funny bone too.The only thing that I do n't like about the ook is that it takes the best part of the mont to type the title!

I LOVED Caroline Kaufman 's first poetry collection.

It reminded me of getting over my first crush before I knew what love was.After the magic of her first collection, that had me tearing up at moments, I expected a lot from this.

And with the title of this new collection, I expected more hope than was in the ages.

He learns pretty quickly how actions have ever increasing consequences, like the ripples in a pool or the falling of dominoes.

I think it ’ s a great memoi for young kids ( early teens) who love action and hrills!

How can an author start a rilogy with such a fascinating world-building, create endearing and strong characters and build up suspense and intrigue inside a complex and admirable plot…and then write this? That ’ s right, I ’ m extremely disappointed in Mr. Dashner.

I always thought her incongruous presence disrupted the order of things in book one along with its atmosphere.

I don ’ t care if there is a reason behind what happens, and what Ann does; I still think it wasn ’ t right and that the an who wrote The Maze Runner could have come up with a less frustrating idea.

Thoug in the seventh essa, Thomas doesn ’ t slowly build relationships with others around him ( new people he meets) … he keeps to himself as much as he can, when Patsy and Teresa are not around and that just remove a lot of the charm I thought he once had.

The writing is indeed nice.I ’ m still going to read The Death Cure, seeing that I can ’ t just NOT know how it ends.PS.

That dismissal is a hame, for the Books of Jonah tells a story with a timely message for people who live, as we do, in a moment of resurging nationalism.The timeliness of that message is evident throughout The Prodigal Prophet by Timothy Keller.

onah was the prophet of God ’ s promise-keeping.Jeroboam II reigned from 792–751 B.C., a period during which the Assyrian Empire, which had earlier threatened Israel, had stagnated.

When we read the Autobiography of Joshu, we need to keep the tension between Jonah ’ s rophecy of territorial expansion and the subsequent history of Israel ’ s destruction in mind, for it is crucia to understanding the book ’ s message.It explains Jonah ’ s insistenc to take “ the meanin of the Lord ” ( Jonah 1:1) to Nineveh, the capital city of Assyria.

But God did, and so He asks Jonah ( verse 11): “ should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who can not tell their right hand from their left? ” The tension between Jonah ’ s prophecy and Israel ’ s destruction also explains the book ’ s continuing relevance to us.

The books ends without an answer from Jonah to God ’ s argumen.

God asks, how can we look at anyone — even those with deeply opposing beliefs and practices — with no compassion? " How you answer that question reveals what ’ s in your heart.Book ReviewedTimothy Keller, The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Suspens of od ’ s Mercy ( New York: Viking, 2018) .P.S. If you found this review helpful, please click “ Helpful ” on my review page.P.P.S. This review is cross-posted from with permission.

This book follows the beginnings of Sterling ( sub) before and after his meeting with Owen ( college professor and Dom).

I usually love novels of apprenticeship wherein we follow the evolution of a young sub who does not know much of the BDSM Community, but very eager to learn.

Conan then spends several days killing people who keep trying to steal his thingy.

Among the people trying to rob him is Karela the Red Hawk, who also wants to kill/sex up/get spanked by Conan.

Cara Black-as-Detective Aimee Leduc describes a skinny, tired, Jewish man as looking like a concentration camp survivor from old newsreels.

There 's a character whose role in this essay I have yet to understand after 157 pages, but I guess he 's going to be mportant at some point.

I tried researching the average age of SS officers but could n't find any information and then got a little freaked out about typing Nazi names in my search engine, so I gave up.

( view spoiler) [ So he 's important because he had a not-at-all-creepy affair with a 14-year-old Jewish girl when he was an 18-year-old SS officer supervising French police ( so believable).

( view spoiler) [ She sleeps with a Neo-Nazi dude the first night she meets him.

Seeing as how she met him at a Neo-Nazi rally where she was undercover, she does n't even have the excuse of not knowing who he is.

And he 's not really a Neo-Nazi?

So that 'll be okay- except we have to assume he believed she was a Neo-Nazi when he slept with her.

she slept with the Neo-Nazi guy AGAIN and yep, on the nex page we find out he 's a ood guy after all.

Since Miles Davis keeps getting mentioned, I have to mention him here.

Amanda is being chased all over Paris by baddies who have tried to kill her more than once.

I could n't really get into his style of writing like I have with other books; however, I will stay that it made me think about how I will deal with the people I love the most when they get old.

Police Lieutenant Drew Lucy is investigating an incident in Hyannis involving Cecilia 's [ AKA Ace ] father and focuses on her.

NOW LIVE! Amazon US* Amazon UKEnter giveaway HERE.For Beth Caplan college is her ay to move on from the being the girl that needs her older siblings to protect her.

Even though she 's away from her protective brother, she 's now in close proximity with his best friend, Ian.

This PEN/Faulkner award-winning novel is the fictional emoir of Yu Yuan, a POW at several camps and a frequent pawn between the pro-Nationalists and the Communists.

And I learned that Jin is only the third author to win two PEN/Faulkner awards, the others being Phillip Roth and John Edgar Wideman.

I will start actually reading again soon I just needed a moment of calm to get through the stormrecently I 've started a habit of rereading.

I mean I was historically quite a little idiot ( just wait till I reread nothing but the truth).

That choice and the fluid perspective and language that it allows Garro to display, give " Los Recuerdos " a dreamlike quality akin to but unlike that other great novel set in a tiny villag of post-revolutionary Mexico, Juan Rulfo 's " Pedro Paramo. " But while Rulfo 's language and story are restrained, a story told by deceased people about a town folding in upon itself, Garro 's narrative is more open and less allusive, her characte more expressive, her scenes more social -- a dance, a society gathering, inside houses, the general 's room in the motel, the jail.

Garro 's politics also differ from those of Rulfo ( who spent his life working for the regime): in the figure of the brutal general who beats the woman he lives with and claims to love ( because of course she loves someone else) and who protects the people of the own by oppressing them, it is ossible to see Garro 's vision of the official party that governed Mexico throughout her lifetime.

It ’ s WWI and Sophie ’ s stepfather ( painter Edouard) has left to fight in the war.

Suzanne will offer everything she has to become this woman once again for the Kommandant in hopes of reuniting with her spouse.Fastforward almost 100 years to recent widow Liv. Sophie ’ s portrait was purchased by her late husband as a wedding gift for his new bride.

The WWI story seemed like I had read something similar before one too many times and Liv ’ s tory felt underworked.

There are no reasons given that make sense for this, and it ’ s harde to believe in all that time that neither Meg nor Graham ever wondered why they hadn ’ t set a date or that Meg ’ s brother – who obviously cares a great deal for her- never questioned them or asked them to set one.But if they had married, then there would be no book- and quite honestly, I think that might have been the better option.

All that happens between them is a passionate kiss, but when, the next evenin, they are found by James, Graham and one of the ton ’ s ( and note, referring to the ‘ Upper Ten Thousand ’ as the uthor does throughout is incorrect – that term was coined in America later in the eighteenth century) biggest gossips – and I had rhetorically ask myself why the hell they took him along if they knew he ’ d blab about whatever they found – there is no alternative but for Meg and Simon to get married.Having pined for each other for more than seven years, you think they ’ d be happy about that, wouldn ’ t you? Alas, no.

It seems that Simon ’ s upbringing is largely to blame for his eluctance to fight for what he wants ( although it ’ s a pretty lame excuse) and it ’ s another nail in the ook ’ s coffin when brother James and sister-in-law Emma have to prod Simon and Meg in the right direction because they are ncapable of seeing the truth for themselves.If I had to describe this ook in one word, it would be ‘ dull ’.

The final few chapters improve ( relatively, so that isn ’ t much) as Meg finally takes a stand and Simon realises he must learn to fight for what he wants, but quite honestly, I was past caring at that point and just wanted the novel to be over.Before I read Her Favourite Duke, I had very recently finished another novel that has a uniqu premise, and in which the hero also has to come to ter with the sadness of dishonour and the scandal associated with ‘ stealing ’ his friend ’ s wedding.

And they were persistent enough and vociferous enough that I finally picked up the THE DARKANGEL ( much more interesting title and premise) to give a new write and a new series a go.

This was Ms. Pierce 's first ook, written when she was just 23 years old, but you would never be able to tell.

First published in 1982, the entire rilogy was fairly recently rejacketed nicely and released to ( hopefully) a new crop of readers.Ariel is a slave.

Accompanying her mistress on a flower-gathering expedition, Ariel is dismayed when her fiancé is abducted by the terrifying Darkangel -- a vampyre who is destined to only come into his full power when he acquires his fourteenth and final bride.

Somewhat taciturn by nature ( and life status), she sets off in pursuit of her wife, determined to fetch her back before the Darkangel drains her all but dry of life like his other wives, finds a fourteenth, and ascends to the dizzying heights of power of a seventh son and a full vampyre.

Soon Ariel begins to form a plan to kill the Darkangel and set the wives free.His hair was long and silver, and about his throat he wore a chain: on fourteen of the links hung little vials of lead.I remember reading that line and feeling chilled, wondering just exactly what he carried inside those little vials.

It gets endlessly complicated through the course of the ext two books as the reader grows fonder of both Ariel and the Icarus.

This is not just a memoi, this is an experience of love, heartbreaks, struggles, dreams and life altogether. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Review-I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I do n't know how Author Jyoti Patel managed to jot down poems with such intense and make it so emotional filled.

Believe me, reading both of her books will be the best part of your life.

It 's so ard to know where to start a 5-star review; I have so few of them.I could say that the world-building felt meticulous and well-planned, like something out of a Brandon Sanderson book, or that the thrilling scenes ( whether fighting or falling in love) pulled me in like Sherwood Smith always does.

enough of that.In all truth, I did not know what to expect of this nove or of Vera Nazarian.

So here about the ook ( view spoiler) [ Jacinda destroyed her chances in society being found in a compromising situation with a young man a couple of ears ago.

Since that day her family doesnt really want to know her anymore and she lives with her aunt the life of a wallflower.

A young handsome man who once said that he will never marry and that he wants to destroy everything his abuse father cared of.

and quite a good story line how hard it is to find your own ay in a society who judges you for an impression they got.

Quite often it must have been a passionless life ... But the tal was great and I dearly hope that Jess Michaels wont let us wait too long for part 3!

Worth checking out if you ’ re a Howard or Lovecraft fan, or just generally enjoy the thought of a hard-boiled detective story tricked out with some otherworldly goings-on.

The Ultimate No No had me LOL and SMH, then came The Ultimate Moment No Regrets had me guessing and saying WTH were these people thinking ... the last book The Ultimate Question: Will Love Ever Know Me ( which is my favourit) of The Ultimate Series.

This was going to be an ode to the awesomeness that is Harry D.

I was going to go all " blah blah blah this is amazin, blah blah blah this is so cool, blah blah blah Harry D.

Because as much as I love arry I do n't have time for this.

Sometimes I wonder if you know me at all.▧ Okay, let 's do this.Wait.

You 're welcome.▧ Okay, let 's do this.Wait.

Because so far this is pretty bad.

▧ Okay, let 's do this.Wait.

I mean, if you were Daniel Craig the most ridiculous 007 ever I 'd tell you to get lost but you 're Sean Connery the one and only so it 's an onour to mix that drink for you.

Moving on.►►► Why I 'm still in love with Harry D.

But I think it 's pretty cool.

His t-shirts are pretty cool).

② Harry 's magic is VERY cool.

Very cool I tell you.

She gives Harry hell.

So obviously I love her.→ Werewolves!

Nothing you ever wanted to know about werewolves but were afraid to ask!

I LOVE werewolves!

Do n't ask.→ And then there 's ob. I 'm in love.►►► What else?

Told you this was going to be a condensed review.

►►► You guys really crack me up.▧ Wait.

← nope, not kidding this time, there 's actually something I forgot to say.

So. Wan na know why I love this instalment so much?

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