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Rohan, an abandoned Golden Retriever puppy has escaped from his rescuer ’ s home and taken off for a romp through the snow.The major characters are introduced rather quickly through the search for the happy, cuddly, mischievous Rohan.

Vic Scarlatti, Adrienne Portale, Heather Sloan are searching in various places for the escaped puppy.

This makes falling for the grown up Heather a bit, shall we say, interesting.Echo Lake is at heart, a love story – Heather and Brody ’ s love story.

With a small mystery to solve along with falling in love.Since Swift River Valley is an ongoing series about an entire community, I worried a bit about keeping characters straight since I have not read all of the ooks in the series.

Oh, and fall into puppy love with Rohan β€˜ cos he is adorable.

Remembe you usie, I really needed this book πŸ€—I do not want to go into too much etail about the plot, you really need to read it and see for yourself.

What happened?? Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for my advanced copy of this ook to read.

Louisa helps everyone get comfortable to fall asleep.

And this might just do it " After a gripping first scene-setting chapter, the tory is mostly first-person narrated alternately by wife and husband Megan and Chris, dealing with being new parents and the impact of baby Evie on their marriage.

Chris ’ s chapters reveal someone pretty cold and unappealing with plenty of issues, but is he capable of what Megan suspects and, if not, what is he hiding? Tell Me I ’ m Wrong is a ysterious and well-written easy read.

They awake, apparently unharmed, only to discover that all the fertile women are pregnant- but the children they give birth to are not like other human children, and turn out to have extraordinary and disturbing powers.It starts off by establishing the uneventful normality of the illage.

The abnormal becomes normal, and things get stranger still.WomenThe big flaw of this novel is its neglect of female haracters, especially given that it is the me who are violated in such a profound way.

See details on imdb here.Wyndham 's Next Take on These IdeasEleven years after publishing this, Wyndham published Chocky, which takes very similar themes, but puts them in a more realistic setting, and a single cuckoo child, who is firmly human.

And Paris, City of Lights), and made his way to darker places, as he continued on.

Hard-boiled detective+ the Fae= an interesting first book.When I ran across this title in my public library ’ s catalogu, I was intrigued.

Not, however, a series that I will want to own.

I have n't read the Dark Sword or Dark Warriors books, both series that come before the Dark ings, but it has n't been too much of an issue.

But anyway, the Warriors return and play a big role in Fire Rising as they team up with the Dragon Kings to battle the Dark Fae.I said it with the first novel and I 'll say it again: Rhi is one of my fave characters so far and I want her to get a book.

She 's a Light Fae who happens to enjoy meddling with the Kin and, in general, her character is spunky and fun with a dar edge which has n't been explored yet.There 's a lot of action in this one but the romance came down to a couple hot and heavy scenes, and Tristan being super alpha male protective of Sammi.

So when you have a friend that sends you a text and is so excited about a ook and she decides to share it, what do you do?

He came back with a ot of specimens, copious scientific notes and an explosive theory which was to rock the world of deas: the heory of evolution by natural selection.

However, the ook has lost none of the charm, and the idea any of its power, due to the devastation of time: if at all, it has become stronger.What is a gene? Dawkins confesses that there is no universally agreed definition of β€˜ gene ’.

Natural selection defined which lasted and which died away.Dawkins defines a gene ( a definition borrowed from G.

As part of survival technology, the genes built a lot of machines, bunching together to form gene complexes in the particula.

The machines got more and more complex, from the single-cell amoeba to the human being.Dawkins starts the ook with the question β€œ Why are people? ” This is his answer – so that the gene can survive and replicate.

as the esult of strategies for gene survival – extremely selfish strategies at that.

Oh ear! ” But even though disheartening at first, as Dawkins begins to back up his arguments with solid scientific reasoning, it is helpful to dispute him, and ifficult not to get excited when he presents his theory with mathematical precision.Aggression and StabilityOne of the most common arguments put forward against evolution is that an uncontrolled state of aggression will lead to a free-for-all and the β€œ stable ” environment we see can not exist.

This oncept is further expanded with fine variations on the behavior – ultimately, every time, a dynamically stable configuration results.In Chapter 12, β€˜ Nice Guys Finish First ’ ( added as part of the first edition), Dawkins takes this theory further and presents a varying set of evolutionary strategies, modelled on Game Theory.

In the first chapter ( β€˜ The Long Reach of the Gene ’), Dawkins extrapolates the above argument to how the gene in one species can extend its reach to another species, possibly to the expens of the latter, to explain parasitism.One may take it or leave it, but the arguments are well thought-out and presented with great clarity; with cold, scientific logic.

It makes fascinating reading, even though the mathematical analysis may put some off! MemesThe concept of the β€˜ meme ’ is possibly the most revolutionary one expressed in this novel.

Dawkins defines a meme as a unit of cultural transmission, a basic idea which gets replicated in human brains, in the β€˜ primeval soup ’ of human culture; which, according to him, is in the same state as the biological β€˜ soup ’ was at the dawn of life on mar.

It seems Dawkins appreciates this, because he ends the chapter on memes with the speculation that man has the capacity for genuine, disinterested, true altruism.

We, alone on earth, can rebel against the oppressio of the selfish replicators. ” I, as a fan of the Jungian idea of the Collective Unconscious, could not help speculating on whether the meme could be embedded way down in the gene itself?

Future Home of the Living God has a thoughtfu remise, but it actually spends very little time exploring the devolution of humanity idea ( essentially, evolution going backwards with all species becoming more primitive at an alarming rate) and instead retells The Handmaid 's Tale.It 's surprising that this nove has received such positive reviews from critics given that it is highly derivative.

The new theocracy that grows out of this chaos- β€œ The Churche of the New Constitution ”- starts rounding up pregnant and fertile women to seize the babies of the former, and forcibly inseminate the latter.Most of the action takes place in part two.

Even the " Widow " character who lectures the women on becoming empowered through God ’ s blessing of a child is reminiscent of Atwood 's " Mother " .I found too much of the novel to be ull, and the most dynamic and exciting parts were those ripped straight from one of my avourite boo of all time.

The Reapers are the Angels, the fifth novel in this world, is simply a magical masterpiece about one of the coolest protagonists ever, a teenage bo named Temple.

In this book Moses tells a group of strangers around a fire the story about his brother Abraham, a Vestal girl, and himself.

This ook shows how Moses is trying to find his place in the world.There are of course the zombies… β€œ But now the dead are everywhere as the living were before – and now can be observed all the fleshly moods of death, the tearing skin, the bluish hue of rot, the muddy eyes, the crustiness of dried sputum, the salty white of chancre and peel, the acrid, biting smell of organic decay.

Reader Logic: I HATE this book.I HATE it so much I had to get a new hardback copy to read so I could underline all the parts I HATE about it so much and post them on Goodreads.I HATE it with such a passion I also bought copies for all my friends and family, also in new hardback editions, so they could HATE it along with me.When the TV series came on I was so fuming with rage I watched the entire season twice and bought six copies of the DVD, because I could not believe how much I could HATE something.I had spent so much time discussing how much I HATE this, with all my friends, who HATE it too and who all bought copies, I decided to get a George RR Martin tattoo on my buttock to show how strong my HATRED for his work is.

I was n't expecting to read about a full-scale investigation but certainly more than just a cursory mention that it was a robbery.\I liked the reversal between Ken and Jordan.

At the brea, Jordan was the strong one, the dominant protag but in the las half, Ken came into his own very nicely and I 'm hoping to revisit these two in the 3rd book, especially when I got the hints about Jordan liking his kink and Ken clearly willing to check that out.

The penultimat trilog in Riley 's Seven Sisters series has taken me on another amazing journey.

While Scarlet Johansson did a great job with bringing the characters to life with her soothing voice, the content of the storie left both of us frustrated and confused.Maybe the time of enjoyment for a nove like this has passed.

I 'm the stupid one, because now my eyes are bleary and bloodshot and I still have n't slept. ** Assuming that " you " are a person who loved Wuthering Heights and Crimson Peak and wants to read a better, more subversive version set in the foothills of Hidalgo.

It 's ore like a 3.8.I have followed this series from jump, so I have spent a lot of time reading these books.

Reece and Miamor together- nuff said.

But by book 5 Miamor became a staple character for me even over Carter.

So in 5 when Carter messed up in Riyadh, I lost a lot of respect for his characters.

Also in book 5, I actually liked Fly until they devolved him in the end only to evolve him in 6 and then devolve him.

There was real chemistry between he and Miamor and although I know it would be a big deal to pair her with him because of the whole Davi situation, Carter was foul in this sequel.

Just on the technical writing side of this retellin, many critics have said that they use a lot of the same phrase and they use adjectives with everything.

The only real issue I have is that in this series they have said certain things and then changed them.

When she met Wyat, it was said that there was only one man before him but when you read other installments you find out she was raped by several men and then I do n't remember her having sex with Murder in the flashbacks in this series only that they came close.

The two protagonis are alternately noble and petty, wise and foolish, and yet they never seem inconsistent or self-contradictory because Shakespeare -- here is the mystery -- consistently maintains a tone that is paradoxically both ironic and heroic.

I can not believe that I have read every single word of Oscar 's published writing.

For million of years his works would n't be read.

So the premise made me laugh, the art is totally orgeous, I like the fast-paced dialogue and how the characters interact, but if you think it 's sex-positive then you 're doing sex-positive wrong.The scene that made me dislike this book is when Sarah is looking up Jon 's favourite porn star, Jazmine St. Cocaine, on the internet.

Fraction even shows that he understands some of the issues facing sex workers and the stigma attached to their jobs because of slut-shaming and the assumptions we make about people who choose sex work, and then says THEY DO N'T MATTER BECAUSE WHAT A STUPID PORN NAME AMIRITE?

This essa was a quirk, well-told story about a man about to retire who begins parking in legal spaces in NY but just sitting in the vehicl to read the paper.

With such a plethora of experiences represented, I couldn ’ t help but reflect on my own cultural experience of the menstrual cycle.This was a new ide to me.

Whereas before reading β€œ Blood Magic ” I thought that I could cure myself with herbs, changes to my diet, and exercise alone, I now realize how important it is to include my social life in my healing process, including being up front with people when scheduling meetings about why I can ’ t meet that day or why I was delayed in returning someone ’ s phone call.This is important to me now, but I also realized how imperative it if for teenage girls to receive this kind of support from the adults in their lives.

They are under the care of the adolescent in their lives: doctors, parents, educators, employers, etc., and need their support in navigating healthy relationships to their bodies and their cycles.Perhaps my greatest takeaway is from the ssay β€œ Premenstrual Syndrome: Discipline, Work, and Betrayal in Late Industrial Societies ” by Emily Martin.

β€œ Cries a lot, ” for instanc, might instead be read as β€œ enhanced ability to process emotions. ” β€œ Diminished muscle control ” may mean a woman can relax easier than at other times of the onth.

Nevertheless, I 'm going to try, because this nove has taken a lot of me with it when it ended and I 'll have to put the pieces back.Esmae 's openly declared war with Alexi for murdering her best friend.

I ca n't stop questioning her morality but I 'm on her side anyway.The only grudge I have against this book is that it is n't even released yet and I have to wait indefinitely long for the trilog.

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