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( Read the ook to understand the reference!!) Thanks for the ARC Katia Rose in exchange for an honest review.

With the heart and spirit of her Huguenot ancestors, Genevieve faces her challenges head on, but how much is she able to suffer in pursuit and protection of the colo blue? " Nancy Bilyeau 's poised and polished writing style brings the 18th century to life!

Stunningly descriptive and gorgeously written you can not only see the China patterns but smell the paint on the porcelain! I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Although I did n't read the other book in the series I did not feel as though I was lost.

Acessible but more than just basic.My one gripe- and i 'm not even sure if it is enough to be a gripe- is the " show us your tits " sub-theme that runs through the title story, and which i have noticed in some of Bisson 's other novel.

This reading of Melville is so much more interesting having now a lot more background on the various factors ( social, economic, and physical) that informed the writing and structure of the story.Many modern readers have been turned off of the unabridged Moby-Dick due to the many chapters of background information that Ishmael feels compelled to pass us about whales and whaling.

If you remove this description, it removes much of the exture of the ook and reduces it to an adventure story rather than a more universal chez d ’ oeuvre.Several moments merit mention: Father Mapples ’ sermon on Jonah ( Chapter 9) which sets the tone for most of the ook, the speech of Ahab in recruiting his crew into his diabolical mission against Moby-Dick ( Chapter 36) and the heart-breaking acquiescence of Starbuck, and my favorite part so far, The Grand Armada ( Chapter 89).

But then, I am nit-picking on one of the greatest literary masterpieces of all-time and that probably sounds ridiculous and pretentious perhaps.What I loved about this memoir: the atmosphere, the excruciating detail, the plethora of dialogs ... you feel like you are also on the eck of the Pequod when Starbuck and Ahab converse ... ok that reminds me of another thing I found annoying.

Albeit, the last soliloquy of Ahab is one of the best in Moby Dick, it seems almost out of haracter for him: the hole book he is this brigh, moody almost one-dimensional character and suddenly we seem him shedding a tear and opening his heart to the one that nearly shot him, the First Mate Starbuck.

I really had n't thought about this aspect of Melville at all and upon doing a bit of research learned that he and Nathaniel Hawthorne of Scarlet Letter fame and to whom Moby-Dick is dedicated may have been stranger.

It does n't actually change my perception or understanding of the bestsellin, it is just a curious aspect that added a certain depth or texture to some of the passages such as the one I cited.There is definitely something universal about this story where Ahab clearly feels above morality and is brutally crushed by his pride.

It ’ s hardly any wonder Steve Harris chose this dramatic ballad to turn it into an Iron Maiden song.As to what the poem may mean, one can be satisfied with the following ines, “ He prayeth well, who loveth wellBoth man and bird and beast.He prayeth best, who loveth bestAll things both great and small; For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all. “ All things considered, this would be a bit trite, though, and yet in its triteness most appealing to people of a particular modern mindset.

There is always kind to learn about general mental health ondition and Girl Against the Universe is another great read that deals with multiple disorder.

Coincidentally, since then she had been the one always spared of accidents whether petty or grave and has since decided to generally stay away from people and learned to live and accept life mostly in isolation.It was written very well, sor of lightheartedly and I completely enjoyed her progress as her therapist guides her one step at a time through cognitive behavioral therapy during the course of which, she met friends, a romantic interest which also adorably started with friendship and a great friendshi with her stepdad and new siblings.

But it 's actually a series of history-themed short stories.I had it on my wishlist based on the rave reviews from Amazon, claiming that the nove is pure genius.

I felt like a errible person the entire time I read this nove because I disliked it so much, especially since I think that it 's an important book and a really enjoyable book in any thing.

The book had really great potential, and I still think that the paradig is important to tell, but I have n't disliked a character so much since I had to suffer through The Girls from Ames.

Sheesh, let me think about it as I lie here on the imaginary psychiatrist 's couch in Freudian times.You see, its 'revolutionary structure' and all- it is basically six stories, five of which are arranged like concentric rings around one central uninterrupted story, slowly moving from A to Z as the stories go along ( from Adam to Zachry),- leads even the author to question,

The will to power, the backbone of human nature.

War, Robert, is one of mankind 's two eternal companions. " This novel is a message, yes.

About the never-ending power struggle that seems to be inherent to humanity, that drives it forward- until one day it perhaps drives it to the brink of demise.

It 's about the amazing resilience of humanity that bends but never breaks under the never-ending forward march of the power struggle.

It is also about the never-ending human struggle against such division, in one form or another. " But, dam, the world is wicked.

Can I please have a cookie now?) provide the real framework to this tory, mirroring each other and reflecting off each other in the repeated motifs of tribal wars and slaughter and the meeting of 'developed' and 'primitive' nations, told from the iewpoints of members of first one and then another and underscoring essential humanity below all the uperstitions and prejudices and mistrust.

In an individual, selfishness uglifies the soul; for the human species, selfishness is extinction. " As for the entir of the anthology, David Mitchell plays with every genre and style he can imagine, trying to fully immerse himself in the eriod, real or imaginary, that he chooses to describe- with mixed results, at least for me.

Sonmi-451 for the nex half of the tale was delightfully reminding me of The Windup Girl that I loved, and fell flat in the rushed second part.

There is just something that I love about the postapocalyptic primitive society setup, something that speaks to me while terrifying me to death at the same time, and this story had plenty of that.And now, apparently, there will be a ovie, which explains why everyone and their randma is reading this book now, getting me on the bandwagon as well.

‘ That ’ s lover, ’ I said to myself again, as I sat at night before my writing-table, on which books and papers had begun to make their appearance; ‘ that ’ s passion!

’ ( Garnett 's translation.) ‘ That ’ s what love is ’, I told myself again, sitting at night in front of my desk on which books and notebooks had begun to appear.

Not to object, to bear a blow of any sort, even from someone you love very much – is that ossible?

It ’ s obvious, it seems, if you ’ re in love… But I ’ d – I ’ d imagine ... ’ ( Freeborn 's translation.) Good grief.I judged a book by its title; it saddens me to say that my intuition did n't fail me this time.

His absolutely exquisite prose with which he explored the complexitie of love, the whirl of emotions, the guil of youth.

Could you stop talking like Chandler? A story in which an intelligent man ( whose amount of wealth we don ’ t know) falls in love with an intelligent woman ( whose degree of beauty is not mentioned) just doesn ’ t entice anyone, huh?

That being said, my curiosity went as far as using the filter to take a look at the number of people who did n't enjoyed this ook so much.I could have been among those 475 and their two " it was ok " stars.

Reflective ability creates the ability to cope with entirely novel conditions through the power to re-shape the rules, to imagine alternative experiences.

By standing, as it were, outside ourselves, we are willing to create a context for ourselves, and consequently meaning.On the other hand this reflective ability implies a “ self fragmentation into the white ego and the black ego ” and the possibilit for an “ induced schizophrenia ” or, more generally, for debilitating mental illness.

Will number 2 was written by David Levithan and he was a gay teen who is seemingly depressed, but becomes very hopeful when he finds out he 's going to be unwillin to meet his internet love, Isaac.I did n't really like any of the assorte haracters.

The plot did n't have anything exciting happen, and I did n't get all emotional like I have when reading other John Green ooks.

I mean pretty much from the start you can tell a few things are going to happen, but on the chance that someone did n't see them coming I will hide them. ( view spoiler) [ 1.

2. It was also pretty obvious how things would end up for Will number 1 and Jane.

It was also fairy obvious that " Isaac " was n't going to work out because ... well did ya read number 1?

I actually really like Glee, but it 's un on TV, not books.

While the original series started with the infamous Berlin Noir trilogy, which I found well written but unnecessary crude and misogynistic, I found the continuation by its original writer 15 years later a lot better and actually more interesting.Prussian Blue is the 12th book and once again we meet Bernie Gunther at the French Riviera in Oktober 1956 and as usual in a duel-narrative a story is told about Bernie at Berchesgarden in April 1939.Bernie gets drafted in a plot to kill a female character from the revious adaptatio, one does not have to read this earlier book to understand the plot [ even if you should because the series are so ba and give such a different insight in Nazi Germany ].

That is what makes this series so interesting another look on the affairs of Nazi Germany through the lips of a former Berlin police officer who never was a Nazi but is forced to survive among them and you wonder about his soul and sanity.The two story-lines connect in the beginnin and makes for a satisfying finale and leaves you wanting more Gunther books.

Randall does go in a bit heavy for the praise when it comes to Jameson, but I consider this essential reading for everyon who tackles Jameson 's tome on postmodernism.

Overall, I was disappointed with “ Wrapped ” and enjoyed it, but I didn ’ t love it.

Caroline is a smart girl with a ove of books, which I appreciated and related to, but her constant references to Austen began to grate on me very quickly.

I picked up this book from the library because I noticed the author 's Chinese last name and also the Asian-American girl in the cover illustration.

Though Anna Wang does need to come to ter with her Chinese-ness, I think the real focus of the tal is Anna 's struggle to make friends while 1) being an introvert ( she would rather read or stay home and make airplanes with her daughter and father than put effort into becoming better friends with Laura) and 2) negotiating the mean girl dynamics at school.

Young readers who prefer the solitude of books, or who have felt the sting of being left out, will be eager to relate to Anna Wang.

She does n't put much effort into making friends with Annie, but she does n't have to, really, because Stephanie is thrown into her life, and Emma is forced to spend time with her.

The ood: I always like it when a children 's book can motivate readers to pick up other books, and this book mentions by name a whole bunch of books that Anna spends her time reading.

Dennett ( Original Review, 1992-10-25) I feel uncoupled.Who knows for certain: their inner experience of sights, smells, emotions, and the rest? And this is why I often find the discussion frustrating; from my reading of his work, Dennett has never denied the experience of being onscious.

The autobiography covered his childhood years on the norther shore of Maryland, first with his widow, and then his transfer to a kin of holding area for young slaves until it was decided where they would end up.

He found it toug to make a living and through friends and acquaintances found that he had a gift of being a fine orator, and was often requested to tell his tale.

He wanted to do les than tell his tal and ended up becoming an abolitionist who went around the northeast giving speeches.

Later, he went to ngland and thereafter, friends collected enough money to purchase his freedom.Seeing pictures of Frederick Douglass dressed in fine clothes, I never knew that under his shirt and coat was the scared back of a slave.The end of the novel contained many of his sermon, but the highlight of the novel for me was his tory of his life in bondage.

Catherine Koph ’ s debut fiction, Breaking Order, does that in a great way.Calista Knight is the youngest child of Hugo Knight, the strict enforcer/executioner for The egime, a oppressive government that has banned any type of creative interests for the sake of order.

Though getting involved means putting her own life at risk, and not even family ties might help her out.I love how Calista develops throughout the story as she slowly emerges out of her shell and discovers who she really is as she dives deeper into the world of love and reativity.

It also brings a nice contrast to the world of the creative arts, which is full of colou and life and light.

” Hell is the absence of the people you long for. ” When the Georgia Flu sweeps around the world killing 99.6% of the population there were suddenly ...

The people missing from our lives is the wors part.

These towns had fought off ferals, buried their neighbors, lived and died and suffered together in the blood-drenched years just after the collapse, survived against unspeakable odds and then only by holding together into the calm… ” I ’ ve met a few survivalists over the ears.

It so happens that the day before the world ends Arthur Leander, the famous movie actor, is playing a part in King Lear on the stage in Toronto.

Karen is a child actress in the play and for a very lon period of time she will think this is the worst days of her life.

Jeevan leaves the theater thinking he has finally discovered what he wants to do with his life.

Now most people who get a phone call like this would dither, would maybe even go into denial for a period of time hoping for a miraculous change in the world ’ s rognosis, but not Jeevan.

They protect each other and continue to perform the plays of the greatest laywright in the istory of the world to what remains of human race.

Henry thought it would entertain his young friend for an hour or so.

Of course when the world has disappeared and you can entertain children with stories of cool air or warm air just coming out of the vents and they look at you like your telling science-fiction stories; it is overwhelming to think about what has been lost.

For a while I could play the entire movies in my head, but we all know the images will begin to corrode over time and I ’ ll be left with highlights.

Like the movies it may not be that long before many books would only exist in my head.

The troop politely declines his offer, but soon discover after leaving that they have a twelve year old stowaway who is frantic to escape because she is destined to become The PROPHET ’ s ext wife.

Olivi St. ohn Mandel blends the future and the past together seamlessly around the life of Arthur Leander and how he continues to live in the subconsciou of his young friend Kirsten.

andel takes this moment in time, the eath of Leander on stage, and spreads her tentacles of information backwards and forwards until the reader is captivated by the recollectio of the past and the people living in this theatrical future.

He knows just how to milk Rhys Ford 's sometimes purple prose to give the best bang for your buck.I love his distinct character voices, great timing and pacing.

The adult might be a little sceptical about what happens to the baby but children just thinks its a funny book.

I would recommend this retellin to any adult who enjoys reading to their child.I received a free copy of this nove from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

With her life in disarray, Elena goes to Colorado to stay with grandmother.

Her father has provided the maternal role in her life since her other 's abandonment.

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