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Her and her husband ran up debts and their car was close to death so Sophie ends up getting her dream job at Jack Daw Books, she always wanted to work at a publishing company since she was little.

She asks someone how you can have access to it and they tell her that you can get in by an invitation only and thought it was because they did n't want anybody to touch those super old valuable books.

Jenny also begins to think the reason why this person is a psychopath is because she wants to move up in the company and will do nothing to move up the ladder.

Elise begins to think that this psychopath has an accomplice.

She then thinks that her life is at stake, and that this psychopath wants her job.

I found this book so suspenseful that if someone would of tried to scare me while I was reading it, they would of done a very decen job.

I have read one other book by this uthor and loved that one too.

Needless to say, the off-kilter artwork combined with the almost incomprehensible writing and story itself made this a ifficult read that I ca n't really recommend.

Maybe if the writing was better I would have been ok with the art, or vice versa, but as is this was just painful.Copy courtesy of Diamond Book Distributors, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is book# 1 in the so-called " Mountain Novels ".

It 's the tal of a young couple who finally, after a few weeks of wandering, come to a valley in the foothill.

Here in this seeming paradise, Mooney must make a choice for there is another woman he also had seen move into the valley.You 'll have to read the books to follow that plot line.

The combined package serves to create a reading experience rich in atmosphere that perfectly complements the spooky story inside.

It was like I was a ghost in Jennie ’ s world, stuck in that delightful and infuriating position of observing and experiencing, but having absolutely no ability to affect anything.If you ’ re brave, read it at night.

If you ’ re a wimp like me, ha, good luck.

Even daylight won ’ t save you because what makes this story so spooky is the constant state of confusion you ’ re kept in until the climax.

I just wanted to reach into the books and start shaking the characters to tell me the truth already!

I felt like I was in a choose your own adventure book where I was presented with numerous possible paths.

I was clutching the book so tightly it ’ s a ood thing I had a durable hardcover copy and I gasped so loudly that even my library patrons took note ( " Ah, you must be at a good part! " " Yes, yes, now shush and leave me alone. " I was a terrible employee that day) .These people! From page one, my heart broke for Jennie, the narratio, but she ’ s a tricky one herself.

This yo-yoing torment is what poor Jennie experiences and it is both terribly sad and morbidly enthralling.Bottom lineIf you were in my library you ’ d be walking out with a copy in your hands whether you wanted to or not because I ’ d Book-Pusher it on you.

If you want a good ghost story ( even if you ’ re a wimp like me) then read it.

Even if you don ’ t like historical iction, read it.

The Civil War backdrop is perfect, but it serves to create atmosphere and doesn ’ t bog you down with historical details.The chapters are short and even though the ook has 262 pages, probably about half of them are pictures so you ’ ll fly through it.

They will show you that if love is meant to be, it will find its way back to you no matter where it took you in the secon place.

We are influenced by media, opinions, society, rules, etc!

I found Ways to Disappear a pure delight, but warning: this novel is not for everyone ( reading the positiv, they seem to fall into roughly two categories: those who loved, or at least appreciated, Novey 's poeticism and satirical, magical realist vision; and those who felt this nove was a waste of time.Ways to Disappear is kind of about something, in fact so much so that the pacing is akin to a 500m dash ( I finished this autobiograph in one day).

Basically, Ways to Disappear is poetry- in novelistic form- but still, poetry.I especially loved this work because it echoed some of my favorite Latin American poets like Robert Bolano- the voice is casually intellectual, incisive in a felt/embodied way, and brilliantly dead-pan hilarious ( " She 'd call Miles ...

The best hing that can be said about this novel is that you get a lot of Poirot.

Despite that, I gave the book 3 stars.Oh, the tal is cleverly written.

However in the actual reality his dream for Bruges did come true in a way that he could never have envisioned.

Not 'heart-wrenching'.This book was fine, but I honestly think that if I had read the last hapter and then read the second hapter I would n't have missed much.

I 've seen tuff like this novel a million times before, and man of them were a lot more sad.

Do you seriously feel the need to continue commenting on this, when I 've been messaged by die-hard fans and fellow haters alike, had to answer every possible argument for or against it, and been criticized for ~daring~ to write a less-than-glowing review on a website whose literal purpose is to review, critique, gush about, and condemn books?

My tastes have changed quite a bit since I read it, and I stand by my opinion.

Write your own glowing review.

lizabeth is missing was an emotional story about an elderly lady who is living with dementia.I liked the story as I found it extremely effective at highlighting how difficult the illness is on family members; I found the portraya of Evely so real in this tory and I am sure there are daughters and sisters and family out there reading this novel and can identity with the backstory of elen as she tries to look after and understand the world in which her mother finds herself struck in.

Here are but a few lines from near the play ’ s very beginning as Volpone soliloquizes: “ ………………..What should I doBut cocker up my genius and live freeTo all delights my fortune calls me to? I have no so, no parent, child, ally, To give my substance to; but whom I makeMust be my heir, and this makes men observe me.This draws new clients, daily, to my house, Women and en of every sex and age, That bring me presents, send me plate, coin, jewels, With grac that when I die ( which they expectEach greedy minute) it shall then returnTenfold upon them. ” Third, Jonson is very humorous, witty upon the page in a way that Shakespeare less often is.

But there were few pages that did not lead me to laugh aloud in the reading.I am glad to have read this play, and I want to read less of Jonson ’ s works to ascertain if this is characteristic of his work.

He has created an unsympathetic, morally dubious character who is utterly unforgettable, and has slayed me in the process.Maurice Swift is a charmin young writer with a remendous amount of ambition, but he lacks the talent to back it up.

Maurice realizes this story will be the perfect basis for his secon trilogy, so once he gets what he needs from the woma, he 's ready to move on—and he does n't seem to care what it does to Ackermann, or his career.But once Maurice gets a aste of literary fame, he ca n't imagine life without it.

While his last two novels have remained in my ind because of the way they touched my heart, A Ladder to the Sky will stay in my ind because of Maurice Swift 's character and his unbridled ambition.NetGalley and Crown Publishing provided me an advance copy of the ook in exchange for an unbiased review.

Everyone who has n't read The Justice Series is cheating himself.

I 've heard people rave about her boo.

I think this is perhaps as good an introduction to information theory as you are ikely to read.

All this means we tend to think things that aren ’ t random are in fact random and vice versa.The definition of randomness is that there is, in a string of numbers, a one in ten chance that you will be eager to pick the next number in the sequence – in a random series you will have a one in ten chance – if you can do better than this chance at picking the number then you must have an algorithm to help you pick the next number and that means the next number can ’ t be random.His discussion of Turing, not just his test but also his machine and incalculable numbers, is highly readable and clear.

However, there is a wonderful discussion of the friendship between information and entropy and why entropy is an important ide for people to understand, as good an explanation as any I have ever read.The early parts of the novel are a joy.

Westerners simply could not believe these drums actually could send messages or that they were not being sent by a sense of Morse Code.This book really is a pleasure and on a fascinating topic that is deftly handled by one of the best science writers alive.

( I have a siste that gave me a book about self-destructive love and a ather that gave me Crime and Punishment a year later.

It shaped my reading references, it shaped my love for eerie, dark, doomed, haunting stories with twisted anti-heroes.

uch kind and charming souls they were but would never open a book if their lives depended on it.

My level of obsession with this novel equal Heathcliff 's obsession with Cathy.Emily Brontë 's novel may not be for nothing.

But, she has created an eternal tale -or nightmare- of a ove that is destructive, dark, twisted and stranger than all the other sweet, lovey-dovey stories that have been written.

She has created one of the most iconic couples in Literature, she has provided the first and finest example of the Anti-hero in the face of Heathcliff.

The best retellin of the ovel, with Juliette Binoche as Cathy) How many writers who have written only one novel can claim to have accomplished all these? One of the reaso I became a teacher was to have the chanc to teach this book.

For me, this ook is my soul.

It lies there, making the question " What is your favorit book? " the easiest ever.P.S. Please, God, when I die, put me in a sector where I can meet Emily.

Tom was burnt in the war, his mother was in a concentration camp, and Mrs. wright is in the hospital dying of syphili, but this does n't stop Tommy from giving Sam a hard time.

Tommy plants a communist newspaper in Mr. cKenzie 's store, and the neighbors stop shopping there.

Jamie feels bad about this and decides that an older neighbor lady, Mrs. Kopecky, must be the communist.

The inclusion of a neighbor who studied psychology and attended lectures by Sigmund Freud was interesting.Weaknesses: I wanted to like this more than I did.

The main protagonist is a military sniper with no vision of color.

I was super excited about this essa but it was n't as incredibl as I had hoped it would be.



But the plot was so fucking slow and excruciatingly boring srsly.

it makes out to be a crime novel, but ultimately proves to be something far ...

The style of writing was reminiscent of many fairy tales as were the characters- for the most part.

The language was rather quaint " Please, monsieur, " he whispered, " release me before I shame myself. " Jacques laughed again, sending a streak of sensation up Etienne 's spine.

Etienne, sweet Etienne, remained good and wickedly innocent for most of the tory despite Jacques 's original plan:

This mixtur of feline animality and reluctant caring made Jacques an exciting and interesting haracter.

While it was in keeping with the ending, I was a little unhappy with how Etienne and Jacques turned out because I wanted my twisted fairy tale to last.

Yve grew a bit of spine and confidence, and Jacques lost his bite.

If the storie had just been about the horror bits, I would have stopped reading early on ... but there was SO much more.- How Zebulon 's relationships developed, both omantic and platonic.

Do n't want to say much more on this aspect for fear of spoilers, but I loved how some of his most meaningful relationships became inexorably woven into his life and pat of approaching the world long after those people disappear from his life.- Zebulon Finch, the main villai.

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