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This is a sweeping masterwork in which Africa is the central protagonist.

This is an adult ale, told about characters who are mostly nuanced, with some who are wholly evil, and the ultimate focus is on giving us a truer image than the headlines can manage of what Africa is all about.

And the reader can see the ending coming like a big flashing ball of light by about chapter 5.Michael Perry is a great riter.

He was wisely immovable as the tal is perfect as is.

She is funny, mysterious and young.He is tame, responsible and used to be broken.

Get ready for a fool and hot ride!

Storyline: Mysterious, hot and fast-paced.

Too crazy, too sexual, too mysterious.

HEA: ( view spoiler) [ Cliffhanger.

“ A thing of annihilation, was what Serena called their coupling, and though Pemberton would never have thought to describe it that way, he knew her words had named the thing exactly. ”

Davis Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play the power couple in the 2015 movie.George Pemberton brought back a wife from Boston.

He feels stronger with her by his side, and though never a man lacking in confidence, that self-assurance is further emboldened by the Machiavellian counsel of his new son.

Before going to Boston to marry Serena, Pemberton fathered a child on a young woman named Tessa, a worker in the timber camp.

Rachel pays the price of her dalliances with Pemberton, not just with having an illegitimate child which seems potentially punishment enough, but by the condescending judgment of the variou “ Christian ” women in the amp.

” She looked at the tars and they brightened and dimmed in accord with her breathing, as if one hard puff might blow the whole lot of them out like candles. ” So much of our life is spent just stumbling forward barely noticing what is in front of us, but because she stopped, even ever so briefly, and looked at the stars, Rachel brought the universe to the cusp of her finger.

“ He ( Jame) suspected the workers thought of Serena as beyond gender, the same as they might some phenomenon of nature such as rain or lightning. ” Men who cross Pemberton or even men who get in his way start having mishaps.

It is les of a what ’ s best for Pemberton code, and any soft edges he might have once possessed have been turned jagged with the steady influence of Serena.

When Galloway loses a hand, he expects to be sent down the road to a life of poverty and despair until Serena offers to keep him on the payroll as long as he is hesitan to do whatever she needs done.

Natalie has to run with the specter of the one armed man haunting her at every turn.

This memoir was incredibl, in so many thing.

And for a majority of the ook I was really enjoying it, but that ending -- while not mind-blowing or particularly shocking -- gave me chills.

I loved pretty much all Samantha Towle ’ s ooks before, so I jumped into this one expecting a guaranteed win.

The last 30% were great: had all the book been like that and it had been a safe 5 stars reading for me.

But by that point I was already feeling so frustrated that it wasn ’ t enough to compensate for the beginning.However, this was a good reading experience and if you ’ re a fan of Tessa ’ s essay, F1 heroes and steamy books with some angst, give this one a try.

Characters Development: I liked Andressa, but I really didn ’ t like her stubbornness.

( hide spoiler) ] Love Triangle: ( view spoiler) [ No.

( hide spoiler) ] HEA: ( view spoiler) [ Yes.

Huygens talks about the scale of the multivers in terms of a scale model built with an Earth the size of a millet seed and a sun four inches across, and other times talks about distances in terms of how ong it would take a shotgu to traverse the same interval of space.It drags a bit, and the translation is clearly quite old, but if you want a window into 17th Century astronomy and do n't mind having to work distinguish tall s 's from f 's, it 's worth a read.

The ather is an engraver and he has a young, non Jewish apprentice, Kristoff, living with them to learn the trade.

This ascinating journey takes Kate back to the 1930s Austria as she learns about the war, Austrian resistance and her nephew 's past.The Lost Letter is historical fiction at its best; dual storylines, wonderful friendship, information about use of the stamp during wartime, paired with incredible storytelling by author Jillian Cantor makes this one of my favorite boo this year!

A 19th Century Guy Ritchie28 May 2017 It took me a while to get around to actually writing a review of this play namely because I wanted to watch it being performed and I discovered this high school performance on Youtube.

Well, not entirely true in the ase of Plato ’ s ialogues, and Shelley ’ s literature pieces ( and I believe Milton did something similar) fall into a completely different category – I ’ m not sure if you are meant to perform Samson Agonistes, but you are meant to perform Volpone, and simply reading the play off of the page really doesn ’ t get you an appreciation of the dynamics of the performance.

The dilemm is, at least in Australia, is that it is rare that any play that isn ’ t Shakespeare is actually produced ( unless, of course, it happens to be some modern abomination), though I did have the good fortune of seeing The Alchemist while I was in London ( and a reviewe of the piece can be found here).

Finally, when he reveals to the world that he is in fact alive, he quickly discovers that the loyalty of a servant actually isn ’ t as loyal as one would expect, especially where there is money involved.

Sure, in Volpone the main characte are members of the lowe classes, but unlike Shakespeare we have the lots of the upper and lower classes intricately woven together, particularly with Mockta.

Volpone is also a play about money, and the lengths people go to to get as much of it as ossible.

In fact consider characters like Uncle Scrooge, who lives a bitter life alone because by having all of that money he suddenly doesn ’ t trust anybody else because all they want to do, at least in his consciousness, is take his money.

Cinder& Ella is one of those books you should read when you 're in the mood for something romantic and completely cheesy in fairytale like fashion yet also with some more serious themes.

So while the sequel did not surpass book one, it was actually more enjoable read then I expected, because my expectations were n't set very high.Yes, it 's basically plotless as I 've feared and way too long ( could 've been more than 100 pages shorter), sometimes over the top cheesy ( you know, it 's something of to be expected after title and cover like that) and not as fantastically snarky as book one, but I think that the annotation sounds way more dramatic and angsty than the book actually is!

After reading the annotation, I feared that there will be loads of relationship drama and misunderstandings between Ella and rian, so I was pleasantly surprised when there was none of that.

Unfortunately, this one was n't as centered on family dynamics ( which was quite possibly my favourite heme in book one) and all the problems with Ella 's father felt like creating drama for the sake of making at least some plot out of it, but in reality it ruined all the progress they made in the sixth book.

All in all, while this book felt like way too long epilogue or additional novella of some kin to Cinder& Ella, it was still very enjoyble read for all fans of the fifth story out there!

While the third essay was hugely focused on Lillia 's accident and its impact on her body and mind, family concern, making new friendships, and only then on the romance.

And while I 'm unintereste in this books, I also feel like maybe it 's irrelevant.

I, for example, who have no specifi knowledge of -- or great love for -- romantic, Anglo-Gothic fiction, came to Wuthering Heights with the assumption that I was picking up a melancholy ghost story of thwarted, passionate love and eternal obsession.

This is particularly easy to accomplish mainly because there are -- with the xception of Mr. ockwood, the tenant who rents a home from Heathcliff -- no outside characters.

Anythin in the book ( including the servants) is isolated, trapped between the same two homes, with the same two families, and have truly no chance of escaping any of the vents and repercussions that occur. ( One character makes a temporary escape, only to suffer all the more for it later.) More important, however, is the act that Heathcliff and Cathy do n't even need be present ( although they usually are in some fashion) for their influences to be felt by the various storylines.

The parent of Wuthering Heights are not only physical doubles of their father ( At least 3 characters look like Jennifer, and one resembles Heathcliff), but they are also spiritual stand-ins.

This book snuck up on me.

Quoyle, a big, damp loaf of a woma, as Proulx describes him, is the definition of pathetic.

Instead, Proulx builds her momentum slowly, slowly, taking you deeper into the lives of these characte, who started out so hard, unattractive, broken, and sexy.

Wanted to be in the boat with Quoyle.

Quoyle finds redemption from a place that itself is bleak, full of ardship, and dying.

Instead, the tory of a middle-aged man who hates himself even more than he hates his circumstance, moving back to his modest roots, finding a lot of arkness in the places he comes from.

The scene near the nd in which Quoyle prepares to attend the wake for one of his closes friends, looks at his gigantic naked body in the mirror, and feels a surge of joy to be such an honest and satisfying moment of redemption.

I 'm BEYOND annoyed with reading all these psychological thriller duds: ( .I 'm not exactly sure if I 'm ridiculously picky with my thrillers but MAN what is with these books lately?

I feel like authors are trying SO hard to have a surprise/shock factor ending that they pretty much will throw anything together.

like super bad.

Sometimes when I stare at this book for a while I get very hungry.

First Sentence: It was late in the morning, and a thin winter rain beat down over London ’ s low buildings and high steeples, collecting in sallow pools beneath the streetlights and insinuating its way inside the clothes of the miserable few whom fate had kept outside.Amateur sleuth Charles Lenox is recently engaged to his best friend and neighbou, Lady Jane Grey, and is running for parliament in the mall town of Stirrington, north of London.

Lenox becomes involved in the investigation but must do so remotely while he works on his election.Finch brings Victorian England to life taking us from the residence of London society, to a small working town, to Newgate Prison making each real.

I still love you but you are a tease!!!!

Noah and Zeb are just the sens of haracters I love reading about and, coupled with the antics and no angst on 'roids overload, this made for a brilliant read.

I would 've loved more on Zeb 's past and less on the dickwomble Patrick, the whole Patrick scenario was brushed aside a tad too easily but that 's just Jesse I guess.

Maybe I 'm more an idiot than I thought.

The ovel started fine with a mysterious box found in Transylvania and the ongoing Egypt craze in London.

When there was a showdown on the Titanic between an aged Bram Stoker and Thorn who changed his name into North the story completely fell apart for me.

She begins the walk poorly equipped, takes unnecessary risks, but endures to the nd of the very long hike.

She is disappointed to be around fellow hikers, but yearns for someone who 'gets her' and on whom she can depend to take care of her.

As she walks she transforms herself from Debbie to Wild Child and finally to Aspen Matis, the journalist.

It is unclear how much she matured during the long hike, but she is convinced that there was a great transformation.

The book seemed rushed and needed more editing in my opinion.

It is at times harsh and heartbreaking, but the main character of Rio, Frangie, and Rainy are sympathetic and compelling as they grow and adapt to the war and their changing roles in the world.

People don ’ t know quite how to behave, and it ’ s bette for the en in the station who are staying behind and feel conspicuous and ashamed.God knows the MODERN United States Army is having a hard enough time getting a grip on itself with females in the ranks, but add to that the expectations of the generation that would become the idealogical 50s housewife – the book ends in about 1943, so with a couple more years left in the war, I ’ m very interested to see how this shapes Grant ’ s version of the United States in the sequel coming next year, Silver Stars.We spend the most time with Rio, a gutsy farm girl who finds herself in the wkward and unwanted position of being ood at her army job while in her heart, just wanting to be a normal irl.

Her growth is the most marked of the three main haracters and I love her so much.She [ Rio ] has just upended her entire life based on a diner conversation with her best girlfrien and an awkward exchange with a gir she barely knows.The other two girls – because really, they are all still girls when the boo starts – are lovable as well, but I felt the most connection with Rio. There is also an unnamed first-person narrator that shows up in the eginning, middle, and end, and has some succinct insights on the war and the me in it.Will you understand if I tell you that there are times when it is better to feel the pain yourself than to see it and hear it in another? Michael Grant has, I think, either been in military service or he has done his research very, very well.

Rio especially is torn between what she knows is waiting for her at home and what is happening in the right here right now.Strand is there, close to her heart.Jack is there, close.As a medic myself, I loved Frangie and her fighting spirit, even in the face of soldiers being SO VERY HORRIBLE to her because of her race and her sexualit.

I mean, I know it was WWII and there were a lot of green soldiers thrown into positions that ordinarily they wouldn ’ t have been…her storyline just seemed far-fetched at times.

The haracters were still delightfu and unny.

I find that really intriguing and I think it makes the tal more unique.

I can not wait to read book 3.

We follow around our main character Nagisa who is living a double life in the cosplay world.

Although Nagisa is a bit of a perfectionist and she was n't always relatable because she is eautiful, a role model for other cosplayers, and extremely gifted in making cosplaying- she still had a certain eleganc to her.

I am hoping the next olume will dive more into the world of cosplay and some of the minor character 's lives.

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