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I CA N'T STOP FUCKING THINKING ABOUT IT!! MOTHERFUCKER!! Oh you fucking cocksucking dick fucks, I want want to cut off your cock and put it in a blender, you PRICK!!! Damn you Mrs. Frazier!

You like Bears cock do n't you?

What Thia went through will make you want to grab a ba of wine just for the headache and Bear will make you grab for a ba of Jack ... .before he punches you in the stomach and takes it for himself.If a book ca n't make me want to curse the fuck out of the author then that, my riends is not the ook for me.I love getting anxiety reading a memoi, I love the fucking adrenaline, I love the tears, the fucking heartbreak, the anguis, the testicles and the muff gate and I fucking love cliffhangers ... .you see where I 'm going with this right?! This fucker has a cliffhanger ... .that is worse than the KING cliffy.And to anyone that do n't like cliffhangers ... grow a pair of balls!

She attempts to gain the confidence of various people, but only finds herself even more flummoxed by the whole situation.Lindsay must decide if her pride and morals are worth totally sacraficing to finally put an end to this drama.Ms Bennett writes with her signature angst and sexiness ... yes leaving me hanging ... yes leaving me dying for more ... OMG Please hurry with book 4!

Goodreads SummaryA love like no other ... When Abbey 's best riend, Erin, vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is dead ... and rumors fly that her death was no accident.

Abbey goes through the otions of mourning her best girlfrien, but privately, she refuses to believe that risten is really gone.

Then she meets Caspian, the charming and mysterious boy who shows up out of nowhere at Kristen 's funeral and keeps reappearing in Abbey 's life.

'The Hollow' had me at its great cover and back story, I mean mysterious good-looking strangers and weird deaths are the thing of greatness, right?

The writing at the en was good enough, even a little clumsy and had me chuckling a bit, but as It went on I just could n't do it.I get that she lost her best friends and Verday did an exceptiona job of portraying her loss, but really ca n't the protagonist be a little more interesting?

It 's the same eason I do n't watch the news or read it often on the internet.

I just ca n't see the appeal of watching people suffer.But now, back to this ook.

I was literally hooked within the last man chapters but then when the story started taking place in the past things moved a little bit lower and I was n't as enthralled as I initially was.

And with this new ability, Ig finds out what his friends and family really think about him and the mysteries of who really raped and killed his girlfriend slowly unfolds.Like I said, this was har to read.

I want to read Hill 's other books though because I think he 's a ood journalist.

It 's like with reading books about Haskell- most likely you 'll never use this language for any practical project/product development, but understanding Haskell (& principles behind its design) will improve your functional-fu.In this case, Martin ( true expert, one of people who stood behind Kafka in LinkedIn- if I remember correctly), does n't try to rediscover EAI patterns or feed you with CAP basics-> instead he dives deep into low level technical differences between practical implementations of message brokers, relational& non-relational databases.

The kiss that proved that a long-haired brooding boy from Norway and a quirky girl from the Deep South could find a love to rival the greats.It showed that love was simply the tenacity to make somethin that the other half of your heart knew he, or she, was adored in every way.

This was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful books I have EVER read in my whol life.

I cried my way through most of the book because almost every scene was filled with the most intense and powerful emotions you can imagine.

I loved every single word of this books

This is one of those book that I know will stay with me forever and ever.

I loved it with all my heart and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to veryone as my first 6 STAR RATING of the week!!! I 'm exhausted.

If there has ever been a single book that has EVER made me believe that REAL LOVE truly lasts forever and ever, THIS IS IT.This is what it 's about ...

Why did the girl who was one half of his soul, who promised to wait faithfully for his return, cut him off without a word of explanation? Rune ’ s heart was broken two years ago when Poppy fell silent.

It 's totally up to you! *** ( view spoiler) [ There are 3 questions I ask about every single book I ever read before I even dare consider reading: CHEATING??

In this case, the author approached me with her book so I got to chat with her about it and ask her my questions directly.

I 'm going to share her answers with you, because they were what made me go " OMG, I have to read this book! " No cheating.No triangle.And here 's the scoop on the HEA ... This is exactly what the author told me: " The woma has cancer.

I had tears in my yes, my heart was pounding in my nos, I felt like I could n't breathe because of how much I was feeling for this memoir.

On more than one occasion, I 'd have to stop reading because I literally could n't see the words any longer through my tears.

It 's so often dismissed as 'you are n't ready yet' or 'you ca n't know what you want yet', but this book gave it power and strength.

I 'm a firm believer that you know when you fall in love -- forever love -- even if you find your soul mate when you 're young.

And in this kiss I felt his outpourings of love.

He loved this girl with all of his heart and soul and he was able to do absolutely anything to make every moment of her life be filled with that love.This book needs to be made into a ovie.

I highly recommend this book with all my heart.

because the ending was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.Heart-breaking, breathtaking, unforgettable, and profoundly beautiful, this memoir will stay in my heart a long time to come.

Tolle suggest that we have the power to focus on this very moment, as it is the last one we really have.

Raven defies the town ’ s ruling boys club& is pulled into a game of secrets, lies& seduction

She has arrived in a city of many secrets; a decade-old feud and a quest for power and revenge.Raven quickly catches the attention of the untouchable trio that controls her school lead by student, heir and resident bad boy Maddoc Brayshaw aka Big Man, the city ’ s most promising basketball star, and his brothers-in-arms Royce and Captain aka Cap.Told from dual POVs it ’ s a high school drama with an unfolding mystery.

It ’ s a sexy, provocative and dark whirlwind tale featuring a brooding larger-than-life alpha BOY hero and one the ( un) lucky girl caught in his web.Story ends with a shocker leading right to book 2,

First published in 2006 by McClelland and Stewart, Book of Longing contains 167 previously unpublished poems and drawings, mostly written at a Zen monastery on Mount Baldy in California, where Cohen lived from 1994 to 1999, and in India, which he visited regularly during the late 1940s.

نقل از کتاب در آغوشم کودکی، « از آلبومِ: ده ترانه ی تازه » در زندگیِ پنهانی ام: چه تند گذر میکردی صبح که دیدمتکندن از گذشته را دیگر انگار نمیتوانمو چه دلتنگم برایت هیچ کس نیست در اطرافو ما کماکان عشق میورزیم به هم در زندگیِ پنهانی املبخند میزنم وقتی غمگینمخیانت میکنم و دروغ میگویمکاری را میکنم که مجبورم تا که بگذرانماما میدانم درست کدام است و نادرست کدامو میمیرم برای حقیقت در زندگیِ پنهانی امهُش دار، برادرم، هُش دار خواهرم، هُش دارگرفتم عاقبت دستوراتی را که بایدپیاده خواهم پیمود روز را پیاده خواهم پیمود شب را گذر خواهم کرد از مرزها مرزهای زندگیِ پنهانی امنگاهی انداختم روزنامه را گریه ات میاندازدهیچ کس باکش نیست که زنده اند یا مُرده انسان هاو کاسب میخواهد که فکر کنییا سفید است یا سیاهشکرت خدایا که ساده نیست آن قدرها در زندگیِ پنهانی ام اینهامیگزم لبم را خریدارم حرفی را که گفته اندم: از واپسین کنایه تا افاضاتِ پیرانهاما تنهایم همیشه و قلبم انگار تکّه ای یخ و چه سرمایی و ازدحامی در زندگیِ پنهانی امبرای همه ی هنرم همه ی مهارتم ... ...

She 's caught stealing one time too many and sent to the Fairy Tale Reform School.

At las, she just wants to serve her time and go home, but while she 's there, she realizes that she has important work to do and growing to accomplish.The story idea is pretty decen, and I did like the haracters.

I was looking forward to seeing what the author would do with baddies turned good guys ( sort of), but there were some missed opportunities.I would still give this three stars overall because it 's a cute concept with some nice touches ( such as Pegasus rides and merpeople who have tanks with desks in them for class); Jill does evolve realistically as a person, and I liked her friends.

An ill timed bark and momentary irritation from the old lady ( mistress of the mansio), however, is enough to lead to Gerasim being forced to give her up too, in the most heart wrenching and irrevocable of ways, on top of everything else he 's already given up.

( King David was surprised too) .Even the other serfs, who know perfectly well what Mumu means to Gerasim, and how capricious their mistress is, fail him.

But its lessons still apply to our own time -- we modern people who use legality as an excuse to dispense with morality, who are becoming accustomed to think of each other in a utilitarian way as instruments rather than as persons.

Picoult has definitely shot arrows at religion in the past, but this book went beyond that.

The tal may be considered fluff and predictable by many, but Im good with books like these.

I have seen many say it is considered the flip-side novel of the dystopian society presented in Brave New World.

Island, however, is much more textbook – in fact, each scene has a different utopian ideal discussed with almost bullet point precision.

Full Review on my websit! *a copy was provided by NetGalley*Such a sweet, amazing book omg.

Yes, there will be 3 stars ratings like always, but I think that mostly we have the ones who will give it 4 stars: good finale, makes sense, it was what they expected from the conclusion and the ones like me giving it 2 stars: we really liked this book series and yes, some things from this ending were predictable so we 're not shocked, but we still do n't have to like it, plus some things are n't explained and we 're left with a sense of " all that for this " .What disappointed me the most was that we were expecting to have know more about The Mist ( yes, they began in the aforementioned novel, but I wanted to know more, to have explanations ...) and the lue Queen storyline from the revious nove ( for which we have no answer at all).

It 's really disappointing, because few people gave up on this series because of its weaknesse, and when you still faithfully stay an enthusiastic fan of the publications, you do n't want to be let down in the nd.

But Faulkner hit a home run with his ovel ( one the greatest in American Literature), and Boll, with his ttempt to reconcile the past with the present, blinked.

Don ’ t get me wrong, there are soaring passages in Boll ’ s trilog that rival anything I ’ ve read in iterature.

( Boll numbingly reminds us throughout the boo of those who took the Host of the east.) And Hindenburg, of course, opened the political path for Hitler.

I loved the irst book- like favorite shelf crazy loved it.

( view spoiler) [ ironically, while it did n't make me happy, the only poor decision Scarlett made that did n't really tick me off was the whole " max incident " while it was n't a shining moment, and obviously an over reaction, I got why it happened, which is probably why I was so dismaye at her for breaking up with Mason when he did the same things, all be it on a smaller scale ( hide spoiler) ] Ash more then redeemed himself for his mistakes in the first ook.

( view spoiler) [ he 's spending all this time thinking he wants her to move to Housto, but never SAYS anything because he 's fraid to push her.

In the nd, I 'm not ure that Scarlett or Mason are really ready for a lasting elationship with anyone ( hide spoiler) ] And Scarlett.

I want to like Scarlett again.

( view spoiler) [ Despite how much I love James, I could have been ok with it if, at the wedding, Scarlett was just honest and told him she loved Ash and wanted to be with him, instead of blaming all their problems on Mason.

I even would have been ok with her going to see Mason at the beginnin if she had asked Ash to come with her.

I loved how Spook 's character grew so much in this ook, although some of it was n't from a ood place.

I fell in love with his character a lot in this essay.

I still love Sazed and he had such an important part in all the ooks.

I 'm so happy for his ending in the essay.

Best for older high school to adult readers.

This book contains three Christmas mystery novellas by three different mystery authors that I love, featuring their main characters and a Yule Log. Up first is the title story by Leslie Meier as Lucy Stone tries to figure out how a young woman died on the et of a movie being filmed in town.

The Yule Log Murder is an excellent way to get into the Holida spirit.

You 'll get plenty of Christmas spirit while reading this novel, and each author includes some recipes you can make after you 've finished the book, including three different recipes for yule logs.

I stopped reading several years ago as I felt that the stor had become hackneyed and lacklustre, not to mention tediously predictable.

Until Trent was advised to return to the island from his grandfather Chandler.This book shows the hard story between them both.

Well done Bella Andre I loved this most beautiful book and I 'm just so excited and the first one too!!

I did n't think Eric had it in him but Jimmy must 've hit that weak spot in him.

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