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The ook was a really intelligent, interesting, and beautiful look at growing up, moving on, and letting go.• Pro: I was elated as Rose reintegrated herself into her former life.

• Pro: Rose 's new-old friends were fabulous.

• Pro: Schneider did a great job helping me understand Rose 's emotions regarding the loss of her daughter.

I 'm not even sure how I found enough hours in the ay to take a boat trip around Montenegro and read this whol boo, but somehow I finished this in the few ours I had ...

I am certainly no book snob ( give me a delicious page-turner over some pretentious waffle any day) but I find myself comparing A Thousand Splendid Suns to another book about a country and culture I was only vaguely familiar with- The Poisonwood Bible- a book which I also read on my trip.

But I also really liked the affection for his birth country that shines through Hosseini 's story; his faith in the ultimate oodness of these people who witnessed society and order crumbling around them.The ultimate tragedy of this retellin, for me, is how everything could have been very different for Mariam and Laila if people had just acted a little quicke, stopped worrying about their pride a little late, and trusted a little more.

Rasheed may be a bastard but he was the nly hing in the world that she had at that point, and on some level it made sense to me that she would want to claim him for herself.While I believe Mariam and Laila experienced complex emotions and were well-developed, Rasheed did not get the same treatment- a fact which I 'm torn about.

On the other and, I think Rasheed 's evil personality offers an important distinction between him and Jalil ( and the ther wome), one which is needed in a memoi that looks at the cruelties women suffer at the ands of men.

In fact, I had so much trouble that it took me a whopping 5 days to read.

This means that Fragile Eternity was by far the longest book it has ever taken me to read.

If I had it my way, meaning I did not have to mail this book out to a cousin, I would have taken another week or so, hoping to drag the pain out over the ourse of time.

So if you are like me and read those books ages ago, read it again before starting Fragile Eternity.

Less than halfway through the book, page 250 or so, did the actual storyline make any sense.

In fact for a hefty read like this, around 400 pages, the whol series moved 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

He who does not whine and complain every few pages shines like a thousand stars!

I ’ m not sure if it ’ s a ood novel, and I ’ m not even sure I understood it, but it was a rich, kaleidoscopic, and confusing carnal feast that I enjoyed. “ I like the early dark.

Walking in the ark is like swimming underwater except you can ’ t come up for air… Lie still at night and Dark is soft to the touch. ” Masked kiss- image source: http: // ... Not the PlotThis is set in the Napoleonic wars, and told in four parts: The Emperor ( narrated by Henri, a kitchen hand and faithful server of Bonaparte), The King of Spades ( narrated by Villanelle, a web-footed, Venetian boatman ’ s aughter who cross dresses, works in a resor, and picks pockets), The Zero Winter ( French troops trudging through Russia, narrated by Henri), and The Rock ( set in Venice, and narrated by both).

But the reading experience is not really about a linear narrative with its sprinkling of magic and occasional forays into the aesthetics of passion and love.Just indulge your senses.

That 's what passion demands.Invented, Magical, Invisible City? Venice is portrayed as invented, magical, invisible and more, and hence reminded me strongly of Calvino ’ s Invisible Cities: • In the introduction, Winterson explains, “ My own cities were invented; cities of language, cities of connection, words as gang-ways and bridges to the cities of the interior where the coin was not money, where it was emotion. ” • “ Arriving at Venice by sea, as one must, is like seeing an invented city rise up and quiver in the forc.

Sometimes the exact same word or phrase is repeated, but severa times they weave a subtly different route every time, like the enchanted streets and canals of the tow itself, especially these variations: • “ Somewhere between fear and sex passion is.

Everywhere, nowhere, or in a parallel realm? THE PassionJohn 15:13 “ Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one ’ s life for one ’ s friends. ” The title has the definite article ( “ The Passion ”, not just any old passion), which makes one think of Jesus ’ crucifixion.

There are Biblical allusions ( some think Bonaparte might be the Heir of od, and like Samuel, “ He ’ ll call you ”) and references to “ basking ” in the glow of a church or religion you don ’ t believe in, but man of the passion is fiercely carnal.Kaleidoscopic CornucopiaWith a browser and laptop, you 'll see key words in bold; with a phone app, I do n't think you will.• “ Surely a god can meet passion with passion? ” • “ We ’ re a lukewarm people. ” • “ They say that every snowflake is different.

Talking about it is the same as trying to catch the wind. ” • Stories and even diaries are not, need not, be true: “ The way you see it now is no more real than the way you ’ ll see it then. ” If stories make people happy, “ Why not? ” • Non-believers can bask in the trappings of religion: “ longing for strong arms an certainty and quiet holiness around. ” • “ In the dark you are in disguise and this is the ity of disguises. ” • “ We don ’ t build our bridges simply to avoid walking on water… A bridge is a meeting place.

You can open it like a door. ” • “ Bridges join but they also separate. ” • “ ’ Will you kill people, Henri? ’ … ‘ Not people… just the enemy. ’ ‘ What is enemy? ’ ‘ Someone who ’ s not on your side. ’ ” • Kissing only: “ The greedy body that clamours for satisfaction is forced to content itself with a single sensation and, just as the blind hear more acutely and the deaf can feel the grass grow, so the mouth becomes the focus of love and all things pass through it and are re-defined.

And still we long to feel. ” • “ We gamble with the ope of winning but it ’ s the thought of what we might lose that excites us. ” • “ I like passion, I like to be among the desperate. ” • “ ’ They ’ re all different… snowflakes.

Anything of that. ’ I did think of that and I fell in love with her. ” • “ A true gambler… prepared to risk the valuable, fabulous thing. ” • “ Fingertips that had the eel of boils bursting… whose hands crept over her body like crabs. ” • “ Why would people who love the grape and the sun die in the zero winter for one man?

He was my passion and when we go to war, we feel we are not a lukewarm people any more. ” • “ Being with her was like pressing your eye to a particularly vivid kaleidoscope. ” • “ Beware of old enemies in new disguises. ” • “ I say I ’ m in love with her.

It ’ s the gambler ’ s kind of losing that makes winning an act of love. ” • “ The cities of the interior are vast and do not lie on any map. ” • “ The one who took your heart wields final power. ” • “ When passion comes late in life for the irst time, it is easier to give up ” and only “ devilish choices ” are offered: give up the familiar to follow it, juggle, or “ refuse the passion as one might sensibly refuse a leopard in the mansio, however tame it might seem at first…So you refuse and then you discover that your house is haunted by the ghost of a leopard. ” • “ This is the ity of disguises.

Sadly it was about 10% Kristen and 75% Caspian swooning, 5% Sleepy Hollow legend, and 10% daily life activity.

Just chapters after the funeral with Kristen, Abbey somewhat falls in love with Caspian.

Even more so when Amy is practically dismissed for the last couple of chapters while Abbey continues to swoon over Caspian.

We then get a peak of Kristen ’ s secret diary and a mystery “ D ” whom Kristen falls in love with.

The twist in the nd I should have expected….The secrets and mysteries of The Hollow are never fully answered.

These are not small books, but I find myself going back and reading them again and again.

If you enjoyed the Hunger Games story concept, I think these books will blow you away.

A second corollary is that it is seless to compare your art to that of other artists.With that notion in mind, the authors explore different forms of fear that lead people to stop making art, and explain concisely why each one is silly, surmountable, and ultimately up to you to overcome.

This was a free offering on Amazon today and I read it all today.

This ook was free today, but knowing what I know now I will line up to buy a sequel.

They don ’ t seem to like each other, but ric doesn ’ t know yet that Allegra may not be as horrible as she seems.As Eric spends more time around the woods and farmhouse, he begins to discover magical creatures, including a white and glowing animal he first thinks is a pony.

Soon, he realizes this beautiful pony-like animal is a unicorn: the most delightful thing he ’ s ever seen.

The unicorn was meant to remain a secret, but Russ is inquisitive and must find out everything he can about this magnificent creature.We absolutely loved all the magical creatures in the ook, especially Moonpearl, the majestic unicorn.

A onsiderable chunk of the character 's time is spent trying to find one another, Jody trying to find Casey, Tommy trying to find Sandra, Abby trying to find either or both of them.

These characters had been points of hilarity and insanity earlier in the series, but, in this autobiography, seem tired and bored.

Well developed haracters, and an interesting plot climaxing into the pilfering triplets being revealed by Brooke!

But of course, they could…Jack ’ s investigation firm, Private, which had offices all around the world, was well-known for its solve-ability rates.

He knew he hadn ’ t done it; but he also knew he was up against someone so devious that Jack might find himself in jail for murder…Private# 1 Suspect by James Patterson is another gripping and intense Private thriller, which I enjoyed; though I was n't quite satisfied with the ending!

Thirty years later, another set of correspondence from a provate investigator throws a different light on the situation.

This is one of those paperbacks that gets me wondering how on earth the writer could ever hold together the disparate threads of the trilogy.

And its biggest natural resource is magic, which is exploited by some of its populatio.

As a fairy keeper, fourteen-year-old Sierra is part of the magica, whether she wants to be, or not.

Otto is an intriguin protagonist, an immigrant to the UK, he vehemently opposed Belgian colonialism and its dark evils of murderous exploitative genocide.

But Conrad was in love and had such faith in British colonialism and its positive impacts on the world that he was blinded to its dark crimes and exploitative aspects.

It 's oteworthy that a man as smart and talented as Conrad was not impervious to a shocking breakdown in ideological consistency.

And I have no oubt I do so on various issues.Hochschild also gives a great overview and insights into Conrad 's book Heart of Darkness, which was based on Conrad 's own time in the Suda.

As isgusted as he was by the Belgians treatment of the African natives, Conrad still portrayed them as uni-dimensional savages which is another example showing how toug it is to transcend one 's culture and time.

Well things are hard, it is very asy to slip into defensiveness and anger when our world views/values/ideologies are challenged, our hypocrisies or double standards pointed out, so this is everything I have to continually work on ...

The US had an interesting role in this, being the first country to legitimize the Belgian Congo.

The Belgians, even long after leaving behind colonialism in the Suda, continued to hide and bury the history of what they had done.

I can not emphasize enough how important I think it is to own one 's history, which is why I applaud what this Belgian foreign minister did.

The other bummer with this tale, which Hochschild laments, is that there were few African natives from the Congo who left behind a written record of their xperiences.

Well, I hope not a lot, because this series really is among the best comics running.

She 's been out of the country for several onths, laying low, but her investigation leads all the way through lies and dirty secrets to the Very Hall of Lies and Dirty Secre, in Nixon 's DC.

It 's SUCH a deliciously good sixties spy yarn, with a middle aged woman as the lead haracter.

Just read it, you wo n't miss them, I promise.And I almost forgot: the artwork of Epting and Breitweiser ( coloring) is fantastic here, a complete collaboration, some of the best work going anywhere.

Cabe also had some reservations about getting involved with Sophie. He lost his fiancée two years ago to war violence and as an active undercover FBI Agent, Amy ’ s job isn ’ t any less dangerous.

I ’ m also happy that Amy didn ’ t agonize over Cabe ’ s past engagement or worry about coming in second.

Deep Cover wasn ’ t only a romance though, danger and suspense over the situations both Amy and Cabe had to face kept me on edge.

A summer job as an au pair in the exclusive, luxurious Hamptons with 10,000 dollars of cash to boot for the Perry family.Eliza- Former guest of the Richardson family, but now a " poor girl " since Daddy got arrested for fraud.

Wants the job so she has a place to stay in the Hamptons to get back " in " .Mara- Small town girl totally astonished by the amount of the Hamptons who wants the jo so she can save for a car& college.Jacqui- Cool, Confident Brazilian who takes the job in order to find the gir who left her broken hearted.We see the girls struggling to get along with each other, with their smarmy boss and his gold digger wife and with the Hamptons and its " crowd ".

When Jes tries to get the FBI to look into her uncl 's death, she gets a death threat of her own, and no one at the FBI will take her seriously except Sam.This book is part of a series known as Rarities Unlimited, although the reader is not required to have any back story from the earlie novels to become engaged in this one.

( By which I mean, her average sex scene does not make me either cringe with embarrassment or gag with syrupy sweetness.) Here, the relationships between the Agent and his Confidential Informant pales in comparison to the case they are trying to solve, and I feel it was just thrown in for Lowell 's previous fans in a half-hearted manner.

Poetic and Cons is the thirteent ook in the A Magical Bookshop Mystery series.Another entertaining visit with Violet and her grandmother Daisy at their bookstore, Charming Books, where your next book finds you.Cascade Springs is preparing for their annual Food and Wine festival and Violet is planning a Poe-try Reading at Charming.

A pity I ca n't enjoy the rhymed Old French, but at least you can see the original lines.

I think the hing that makes this ovel so awesome is Mary.

You want to read her story, you care what happens to her and you want to help her solve the mysterie.

not to mention with this being the second ovel, you feel as though you know the character this time around.

I also loved that we got to see Mary addressing her Chinese heritage and how detached she feels from it ....

Kudos to Lee for keeping me and Mary on out toes! My favorite character from book one was back, James!

I ca n't wait for another adventure with Mary in book three!

3.8 *Mellow reading about Damon dealing with grief while accomplishing mission I liked how Damon´s grief was handled in this tal.

( hide spoiler) ] What was a little bit harmful for the storie was that the author sometimes went slightly overboard with saying the same things differently, therefore some paragraphs sounded a little bit like author repeating himself.Too bad that this story didnt have a better ending, ending which would feel like ending with capital letter E.

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