Vampire Knight, Vol. 5

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Published September 2nd 2008 by VIZ Media (first published April 5th 2007
Original Title of the Book
ヴァンパイア騎士 5
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gave it

I 'll definitely catch up with this manga before I start anything else cause I 'm pretty obsessed.

Besides, it would n't take much to catch up with the anim, it 's so asy to read!

gave it

At least Kaname was able to keep the Senate from killing Zero.

gave it

O.OO.O When Kaname 's hand went through Shizuka 's chest!

gave it

The tonal inconsistencies have been ironed out, and melodrama is the order of the day.As usual, Zero 's every little agonized flinch is of excessive interest to me, and he gets a lot of the spotlight in this volume and the previous one, which added a star for each.

gave it

But he chose to save Yuki instead.Kaname kills Shizuka.

It 's a rather fun departure from the typical reluctant hero story.Even thought Kaname killed Shizuka, other vampires are blaming Zero.

Ay does n't know that Kaname killed Shizuka, but she knows that he is very influential.

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