Wait Till Helen Comes

Beware of Helen ...

Heather is such a whiny little brat. Always getting Michael and me into trouble. But since our mother married her father, we 're stuck with her ... our " poor stepsister " who lost her real mother in a mysterious fire.

But now something terrible has happened. Heather has found a new acquaintance, out in the graveyard behind our home -- a girl named elen who died with her family in a mysterious fire over a hundred years ago. Now her ghost returns to lure children into the pond ... to drown! I do n't want to believe in hosts, but I 've followed Heather into the graveyard and watch her talk to Helen. And I 'm appalled. Not for myself, but for Heather ...

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Published November 2nd 1987 by Harper Collins, Inc. (first published 1986
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gave it

Told in the third person, we follow 12 year old Aliso as she and the remainder of her blended family move from altimore to some random place in the country.

Right away Hahn causes all my sympathies to lie towards Molly and her 10 year old brother Michael.

Really I kind of hope the parents would meet a bad end in this book.

Once the family settles into the old cathedra, things start to happen.

Things take a turn for the bette when it appears that Heather seems to be talking to someone named Helen and Heather keeps threatening Michael and Molly that when Helen comes she 's going to make them pay.

We have a lot of tension being built in the tory as Molly starts to realize what 's going on and nobody believes her.

I think Hahn could have gone for maximum horror effect if she had just decided to change the ending up and this would have easily been a five-star book in my thoughts.

gave it

i hated the part ( view spoiler) [ where helen ripped up all of molly 's books and smashed her glass unicorns ( hide spoiler) ] and i think heather should have been punished more because she was such a brat the whole time.the adult-review of this is more critical, and more focused on one particular element: terrible parenting.

they had no purpose other than as object of the unfairness of the world: they do n't believe that the ghost is real, or that heather is a devious little monster, and the children suffer because of their willingness to listen/believe.but adult-me is horrified with how irresponsible these people are!

if you recall, molly ( 12) and michael ( 10) are siblings whose mother jean has just remarried a man named david who has a seven-year-old daughter named eather.

so, in the throes of newlywed bliss and arts n' crafts mania, they pick up stakes and move to the middle of nowhere, despite both children having made wholesome, academic plans for their summer- molly taking an enrichment program in creative writing and michael signed up for the science club.

babysit a little brat who hates the children, their daughter, suddenly having to share a oom, and stuf about her life except the creepy little ghost who totally gets her.

nope! She has a maddening habit of drifting away into her private dream world just when you need her most.not a good quality in a mommy.so these hippies get to do as they please- he in the carriage house, she in the choir loft, isolating themselves from the goings-on of their hildren and unconcerned with what they could be getting into: exploring their own backyard graveyard where old caretaker-man tells them tales of dead children, running around the burned-out shell of an abandoned house where there is evidence of beer bottles and other teenage mischief and no place for little kids, riding their bikes miles away to " town, " which may not be balmer but in a time before cellphones and bike helmets, they should probably be supervised their first time out, right? not here, in this summer of neglect and free childcare!

" The nicest thing you can do for me is to look after Heather. " and " You know, though, Molly, that Dave and I count on you and Michael to take care of Ashley.

despite her screaming nightmares, constant lies and threats, and outbursts where she says she hates verybody and wants her own dead mother back, no one 's working towards making this kid any better. " You know perfectly well what Dave thinks of shrinks, Michael.

I heard him tell Mom that all they do is mess up your head. " instead, the solution is to leave heather in the childcar of children she hates.

Finally I found Heather way down on the other side of the creek near that ruin you told your mother about. " which just means that he was too caught up in his pot ( s) to notice when his young daughter left his side and wandered off into danger.

while molly and danie are outside, the adults both go off shopping in baltimore, leaving heather alone in the house watching t.v., and via note, instructing them to watch her, naturally, and also stating that heather promised to stay indoors until they got back.

gave it

My mothe gave it to me years ago, as it was her favorite children 's books.

urprisingly dark for a middle grade book.As an adult, I was extremely bothered by how terrible and worthless every character except for Jenny and Heather were.

He spent most of the book running off to collect bugs and leaving Molly to deal with Heather on her own when she 's clearly EXTREMELY UPSET and totally needs his help.The overall plot of the Helen stuff was pretty intriguin, for a middle grade, but I think the selfish/horrible family members really ruined the nove for me.

gave it

Wait Till Helen Comes is a memoir that I 've been meaning to read for a shor time.

Blending family drama with a classic ghost story, Wait Till Helen Comes had a few hings that I did n't like, but overall it was a pretty decent ook.

gave it

And if I worked hard enough, it could be my job, too.It was also one of the irst ooks I remember reading on my own where the magic was real -- where ghosts were n't explained away by wind or pale ( but living) creatures.

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