Without Mercy

When her troubled sister Shaylee is sent to an elite boarding school in Oregon called the Academy, a place where several girls have disappeared, Jules gets a teaching position at the school to keep an eye on Shay and discovers that something evil lurks in the room of this prestigious institution.
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Published April 1st 2010 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
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Without Mercy
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gave it

To me she 's a spoilt brat and I just could n't like her character.Jules, Shay 's sister, discovers that one student from the school has recently gone missing and one teacher 's been " let go ".

I found her bnoxious and frustrating.After only a few ays at the Academy Shay manages to obtain the code to make external phone calls, sneaks into an office in the admin building and makes a furtive call to her niec, despite cameras, staff members and other boarders.The rescue mission commences with Jules, an out of work teacher, applying for a teaching position at the colleg.

gave it

lue Rock Academy is well known for helping troubled teenagers, and Shaylee had the choice of the colleg or juvenile detention.

Jean is desperate to get her sister released from the colleg, but she wants to get to the bottom of the whereabouts of one student and the rapist of another.

Now, Bailey is working as an undercover detective at the school to gather clues about the disappearances of a student.

Even though the two of them still have feelings for one another, they try to put it on the back burner until they solve the sinister evil behind the rape and disappearance of the tudents.

The feelings in the killer ’ s head had me shivering with apprehension, as I turned the pages late into the ight.

gave it

Smith describes in detail how one of the characters heats up coffee from the day before in the microwave and drinks it.

I do n't remember her other books being so bad.

gave it

In no time, a murderer begins to run amok and the students start dropping like flies.

Without Mercy is the ort of nove in which all the me are *itches and all the men *astards, at least according to the goo things.

gave it

Nevermind how a rodeo-rider come private-investigator successfully fakes being an experienced teacher – or how the two new-comers were completely looked past as suspects despite arriving around the same time as the disappearance ( and later murders).

Not content with the liché of two ex-lovers happening to be in the same place at the same time ( SPOILER ALERT they have sex) Jackson throws in these other gleaming plot pieces: ‘ The Leader ’ our peek-a-boo antagonist is a religious xtremist who can ’ t resist woman, but hates them for making him so sinful ( ever heard of such a villain before?

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