You Work Tomorrow: An Anthology of American Labor Poetry, 1929-41

You Work Tomorrow provides a glimpse into a relatively unknown aspect of American poetry and labor history -- -the remarkable but largely forgotten poems published in union newspapers during the turbulent 1930s. Members of all unions -- -including autoworkers, musicians, teachers, tenant farmers, garment workers, artists, and electricians -- -wrote thousands of poems during this period that described their working, living, and political conditions. From this wealth of material, John Marsh has chosen poetry that is both aesthetically appealing and historically relevant, dispelling the myth that labor poetry consisted solely of amateurish and predictable sloganeering. A preface by contemporary poet Jim Daniels is followed by John Marsh 's substantive introduction, detailing the cultural and political significance of union poetry.

John Marsh is Assistant Professor of English at the College of Iowa at Urbana-Champaign and Coordinator of The Odyssey Project, a year-long, college-accredited course in the humanities offered at no cost to adults living below or slightly above the federal poverty level.

A volume in the series Class: Culture
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Published December 26th 2007 by University of Michigan Press (first published 2007
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You Work Tomorrow: An Anthology of American Labor Poetry, 1929-41 (Class : Culture)
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