Zombies Calling

" Survival is usually ambiguous in a zombie movie, but we have the rules to protect us. We will survive. "

Joss' life sucks. She 's in the middle of university exams and student loan debt when she 'd much rather be watching the zombie movies she loves. So it 's no surprise that when she tells her roommates that she 's been attacked by a swarm of real-life, brain-hungering zombies -- zombies! -- they think the stress has finally cracked her.

But Joss knows she 's sane -- and it 's a ood thing, too! Because the monsters are real, and she 's the nly one who knows how to fight them. Armed with " The Rules, " truths about fighting the undead gleaned from zombie movies, Joss, Sonnet and Robyn just might make it out of their dorm alive.
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Published October 23rd 2012 by SLG Publishing (first published November 7th 2007
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Zombies Calling
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gave it

Anything of this book as a B-movie, and you 'll be satisfied with what you get, because it very much reads like something that could follow Sharknado.

gave it

( And to be fair, I think this book came first, before " Zombieland. ") As for the ause of the campus-wide zombie attack, a colleg professor upset with the way most students seem to just want to pay for a degree and not actually learn anything, I found this to be an interesting statement about the many zombie-like students who shuffle from class to class and seriously do just only want their degree, but also a bit of a disappointment.

gave it

Hick 's drawing style is what I originally thought was impressive for someone 's first work, but apparently she 's been doing a successful online comic for years.

gave it

I like her style for the most part, as I 've seen her work in color format, but because of the lack and white format and the small trade paper-back size of the novel, the art gets a bit muddled.

I always get some ind of queer vibe from her boo, but there are no explicitly queer relationships so far that I 've come across.

gave it

A entertainin mixtur of Shaun of the Dyin and self-aware characters like in the movie Scream, this memoir will entertain young adults and adults who enjoy zombie tales.

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